Ceramic: The Decentralized Network for Composable Data

Imagine if every social media application were built on a single shared social graph, and a global feed of all post content, but where each app could present a different view over that global feed, with their own niches and specialties, their own algorithms for surfacing relevant content, and their own approaches to content moderation.

This talk will give an overview of Ceramic, the blockchain-powered decentralized data network designed to enable the vision of a shared data web where users control their data and bring it with them across applications. Ceramic can be used for much more than social networking, but the example above illustrates the value of a global data layer underlying the web. By using Ceramic, application developers can tap into a network of reusable and composable "data models" custom built for most common use cases of user-generated data and identity information. This allows applications building in related domains to leverage each other's network effects, thereby solving the "cold start" problem and helping to break the stranglehold of big tech monopolies over our online lives.

Participants will learn about:
Principles of decentralized data & where Ceramic fits into the ecosystem 
Utilizing content-addressed data and peer-to-peer networking to build a mutable data layer on top of IPFS and libp2p
Challenges and solutions of data model evolution, schema composability, and building performant applications over decentralized data. 
What are the opportunities for building on top of Ceramic and how to get started.

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