Technology Track

For the builders of the Decentralized Web, these are early days. The concepts we heard about in 2016 are starting to appear in working code. But what are the roadblocks to building protocols that millions of people can use? Can we celebrate the wins, identify the gaps in technology and move forward together?

For us, it's all about sharing knowledge.  

Through panels, workshops, lightning talks and hands-on learning, the protocol builders will be opening up the hood and letting you look at the engine inside. They will teach you how to use their improving APIs. Everyone will be searching for partners across the stack. From new decentralized databases to the holy grail of decentralized identity, you'll hear-see-hack at the latest in decentralized tech.


Wendy Hanamura
Director of Partnerships, Internet Archive

Wendy Hanamura is the producer of DWeb Camp. She was the master juggler of the DWeb Camp 2019, 2022, Decentralized Web Summits 2018 and 2016. 

She is a storyteller for social change.

As Director of Partnerships at the Internet Archive, Hanamura uses her communication skills as a veteran journalist and leader in non-profit media to share the remarkable mission of the Internet Archive—providing people everywhere with unfettered access to knowledge. 

Joachim Lohkamp
Founder, Jolocom

Joachim Lohkamp is an entrepreneur and tech-enthusiast with a heart for community. As the founder of Jolocom, he has been working at the forefront of the decentralization movement in Berlin since 2014. With Jolocom, he is providing the identity solution that enables real-world use cases in Web2 and Web3. To ultimately harvest this potential and inform innovation aimed regulation, he co-founded the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) and INATBA which establish the dialogue between blockchain businesses and politics. He is further member of the steering committee of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). Finally, you might find him as the Organizer of events like GetDecentralized (now DWeb Berlin), the Decentralized Web Summit and Camp, among others.