Project Leads & Presenters

DWeb Team

Akhilesh Thite
Content Support

Akhilesh is a hacker and artist who enjoys building decentralized tools that contribute to a more resilient, accessible, and user-empowered internet.

He is the founder of P2P Labs, an open-source organization focused on building software that leverages various p2p protocols. One of the main projects is Peersky, a minimal p2p web browser.

He is working with the Distributed Press team as a software developer on Social Inbox, a tool that integrates social interaction capabilities into websites on the decentralized web, and Social Reader, a P2P and offline ActivityPub client for reading and following microblogs on the Fediverse.

He was a DWeb Fellow in 2023.

He will be starting his Master’s in Computer Science degree this fall at UC Santa Cruz.


Videos from the summit:

Alaï Landa
Space Steward

Alaï is a 24-year-old Panamanian/Venezuelan artist and event organizer based in California. She is the founder of the SuperPlay gathering, author of 'That's Just Reality,' and host of the Spiral Revival podcast. Her work is inspired by the concept of the archaic revival, blending mythic understanding with the modern world. Through her diverse projects, she invites others to explore where cultural influences converge, tradition meets innovation, and art becomes a timeless exploration of the human experience.

Andi Wong

Andi served as teaching artist and site arts coordinator in San Francisco public schools for over two decades. As project coordinator for ArtsEd4All, she creates curriculum, conducts workshops, hosts film screenings, and organizes participatory community events such as the annual Blake Mini Library book drive for Hamilton Families, Civic Season with Made By Us, and open-ended play with The Blue Marbles Project. Her creative partners include composer/musician Marcus Shelby, First Voice led by artistic directors Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu, The Last Hoisan Poets (poets Genny Lim, Flo Oy Wong and Nellie Wong), Del Sol String Quartet, and the Internet Archive.

Arkadiy Kukarkin
Technical Director

Arkadiy has worked on creating sustainable communities on the web for the past decade. He is currently the Decentralized Tech lead at the Internet Archive and has served as  Collaborations Coordinator with Protocol Labs and advisor to Ampled, an artist support co-operative. Previously, he was the CTO at Mediachain Labs (acquired by Spotify in spring 2017) and worked on The Hype Machine, an influential music blog aggregator.

Ben Hanna
Production Lead

Ben cultivates connection with Custom Camps, bringing play and nature to corporate teams. He is excited to lead production at Dweb for the third year.

Benjamin Life

I seem to be a verb... Benjamin Life is a civic innovator, community organizer, and artist focused on anti-rivalrous decentralized organizations as a mechanism for systemic and cultural adaptation. His work weaves together both the mythos and practical actualization of a more beautiful world, a world in which all human beings are empowered as agents to co-steward communities, cultures, and ecologies that are thriving, resilient, and participatory.

Boris Mann

Boris is a technologist, company founder, and community builder. He helped organize the second Barcamp in Amsterdam, right after the first one in the Bay Area, and has since helped spark unconference experiences in different communities and around the world.

Boris is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is currently exploring DWeb, open social protocols, and local first movements. You can browse his digital garden at to find out more.

Brian Eggert
Space Steward of Hackers Hall

Brian left a data analyst position at an adtech startup to brush up on his coding skills. He has previously done web design in the non-profit space and a lot of SQL in the healthcare space. He has an MSIS and an MA in Latin American Studies from UT Austin and held graduate research positions at the Benson Latin American Collection and the Social Justice Institute. Brian attended the DWeb Summit: Global Vision / Working Code in 2018 and has followed DWeb’s evolution with interest.

Charles Lehner
Space Steward - Library

Charles E. Lehner (~cel) works on free/libre/open-source decentralization technology.

As a software engineer at Spruce, Charles is working on DIDKit, a cross-platform decentralized identity toolkit with a core library written in Rust.

Charles participates in standardization at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - in the Verifiable Credentials Working Group (VCWG), Decentralized Identifiers Working Group (DID WG), and Credentials Community Group (CCG). He also participates in the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and Internet Identity Workshop (IIW). Charles is a Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation, Associate Member of IEEE (Northeastern USA / Long Island section), and Individual Member of IDPro.

Charles is active on the Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) network as a contributor and community member. He developed and maintains SSB applications such as git-ssb, ssb-npm and patchfoo.

Charles is excited to be able to help out at this DWeb Camp. He was extremely fortunate to have attended the previous DWeb Camp (2019) and Decentralized Web Summits (2016, 2018). He also attended Funding the Commons Summit (June 2022 / New York, NY).

Charles graduated from University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) with a BSc. in Computer Science, Class of 2015. In 2013 he was a hackNY fellow at ChatID (New York, NY).

Charles also participates in community theatre, at North Fork Community Theatre (Mattituck, NY) and Northeast Stage (Greenport, NY).

SSB ID: @f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr7u5AU=.ed25519

Personal Website

W3C Wiki User Page

Eric Bear

I grew up playing in the Ocean in South Florida. I’m a generalist with some study+experience in art, design, environmental horticulture, holistic education, distributed governance, and ecologically oriented communities. I’ve spent 15 years growing communities and networks around meaningful projects and ideas; 10 years in self-directed education and 5+ in open source distributed tech.

But whatever. Talk to me about microalgae.


Videos from the summit:

Eseohe Ojo
Associate Producer

Eseohe Ojo (Ese) is Policy and Campaign Manager at Fight for the Future as well as Projects Organizer with DWeb. She is an Associate Producer of DWeb Camp. She’s worked on various projects involving policy, writing, research and communications with nonprofits on a range of issues including digital rights, the environment, freedom of expression, access to information, academic freedom, gender, democracy, and open government.

Ian Davis
D-Web MC // Organizer
Ian is a platform / protocol engineer with over a decade of experience building and managing distributed infrastructure. He takes a particular focus on the ethical and social aspects of what he is building, and is an expert in new decentralized, privacy preserving identity and data storage solutions. He is passionate about building technical tools and standards that help communities and individuals manage and share their data in a way that promotes consent and autonomy. He is currently on contract with the Filecoin Foundation, where he works with social impact projects like DWeb Camp, Starling Lab, Guardian Project, and many others.
Ira Nezhynska
Creative Director

Ira is a designer with a focus on branding for emerging technologies.

Always being on a mission to “made new tech look beautiful and human” she made her way from traditional advertising for huge retail brands to software development for German and Nordic tech scenes, to — since early 2018 — designing for decentralized web.

These days she helps Web3 creators connect with their early adopters through the language of share and color. Additionally to her work on brand development at Jolocom and DWeb, she organizes (occasional) DWebDesign meetups in Berlin.

Kelani Nichole

Kelani Nichole is a technologist and founder of an experimental media art gallery called TRANSFER. She has been exploring decentralized networks and virtual worlds in contemporary art since 2013. Nichole's focus is supporting artists with critical technology practice, and exploring alternative models of cultural infrastructure. Currently she is building the TRANSFER Archive, a decentralized data trust and cooperative model for cultural value exchange, and producing a generative documentary film 'Almost in Real Time'.

kev nguyễn
Associate Producer

void temporarily made human

Louisa Cohen

Louisa wears many hats as a communications manager, and engagement catalyst for Internet Archive
Canada and is the lead steward of the IAC Headquarters in Vancouver, Canada – a beautiful heritage
space called The Permanent. Louisa is also General Manager of The Permanent Library Limited which
runs the space as an event venue in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

LX Cast
Space Steward

"LX Cast is mostly water and collections of bacteria and bone and stardust. An emergent invention. Canadian West Coast island-born former New Yorker current Portlander curiouser researcher reader leader shape shifter code switcher beginner elder young a flash of light technologist social engineer experimental questioning contradictory vegan (except for brownies) consultant recoverer contributor community practitioner strategist poet weirdo professional queer non-binary neurodivergent raised-Quaker seemer listener fox cook step-parent partner collaborator co-keeper teacher coach flaneur aesthete hiker hard to locate reliable emerging being who practices synthesis learning listening walking investigating supporting reflecting confusing growing perplexing and occasionally punctuating.

LX has been a product leader working on communication and collaboration tech for over a decade. They are currently a founder of a group app in development called Fractal and a student and practitioner of patterns of collective practice. They. They're a board member at Prosocial Design Network and Tech Fleet, a past Resident Fellow at the Integrity Institute, a steering committee member of the Council on Tech and Social Cohesion, a member of Aspen Institute's Virtually Human working group, a mentor with PDX Women in Tech, All Tech is Human, and Mentor Me Collective, and a consultant at Changemaker PM helping nonprofits develop product discovery practices."

mai ishikawa sutton
Senior Organizer

Mai Ishikawa Sutton is founder of COMPOST magazine, contributor at Hypha Worker Co-operative, and an organizer and writer focused on the intersections of human rights, solidarity economics, and digital commons. They were a steward/community organizer with the People's Open Network, DWeb Camp 2019 Associate Producer, and Digital Commons Fellow with Commons Network. Formerly, they were the Community Engagement Manager at Shareable. Before that they were with the Electronic Frontier Foundation advocating for the public interest in international intellectual property policy.


Videos from the summit:

Naomi 'noms' Joy Smith
DWeb Associate Coordinator
noms AKA Naomi Joy Smith (they/them) is a process and systems designer from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who is driven by the enquiries of "how to live in kinship", and "how do culture norms come to be". Nested in a belief that people deserve the right to dialogue with, and impact, systems which affects them, their practices forage from hospitality, social work, permaculture, group facilitation, network weaving, social practice art, and full stack web development. Their explicitly animist tendencies constantly challenge them to widen their scope and approach their ambitious prototopia with humility.
Building community in everything they do, their sense of belonging (in the underground music scene of Wellington & Oceania), of purpose (in the generative critique of internet systems and culture), and of potential (as a multi-faceted believer in the power of groups-of-groups) is culminating in a desire to produce events which enable people-led interventions to counter monoculture. Although their dog will miss them very much, they will journey to Turtle Island for the first time this year, following a somatic conviction that serving the DWeb community is the most mutually beneficial next step for the nested, trans-local, pluralistic movement they are helping to grow.
Nathan Hewitt
Space Steward

Nathan Hewitt (he/him) is a nonprofit and community-tech operations, strategy, and programs professional, currently focused on several personal and consulting projects. He most recently led the operations of Open Collective. Nathan's writing has been featured in Nonprofit Quarterly and WIRED, and he presents and panels on topics such as the future of fiscal sponsorship, the solidarity economy, financial transparency, community engagement, nonprofit management, digital security basics, and DIY zine-making. On his blog, he has written about prison abolition, settler colonialism, and security culture, and he enjoys producing ambient and noise music.

ngọc triệu
Fellowship Director

ngọc practices design, research, and pottery as interventions to address asymmetrical power relations and challenge the hegemonies of knowledge production.

Over the past six years, she has worked closely with free, open-source, decentralized and distributed project teams and their communities to tackle challenges such as digital safety and security, neocolonialism, and Internet censorship.

ngọc initially joined the DWeb movement in 2019 as a maintainer of Decent Patterns ( She was a DWeb Fellow in 2022 and a Curator of the Design Track ( in 2023.

Now, she serves as the DWeb Fellowship Director, bringing her experiences in community organizing and decolonial practices to amplify and expand the program's impact. Talk to her about: de/colonial tactics, decent patterns, kendo, and how one might create a transparent matte glaze at cone 10

Nigini Oliveira

Nigini is a Brazilian geek who immigrated to the Cascadian PNW to research cross-cultural design at UW and build a cabin at the top of a tiny mountain where he lives. He has dedicated much of his brain to learning to include diversity as a core value of technology design. He is very excited about using this knowledge, especially while engaging in the broad DWeb and Decolonial Design communities. Learn more about him at and one of his main projects at

Raphael Gonzales
Space Steward of People-2-People Tent, Software Engineer

Raphael Gonzalez is a software engineer, researcher, artist, and AI enthusiast. He likes to look at the intersection of subjects and see what can be done there to improve technology for everyone. As an artist and AI enthusiast, he’s interested in how generative AI and artists will develop together, and thinks about ways to trace generated output to source material in the training data

Shwetha Rao
Space Steward

Shwetha ( is driven by a passion to leverage technology for social impact and harness the power of communities to drive meaningful change. Born and raised in India, she has launched several Digital Public Goods that have touched the lives of millions. She's played a pivotal role in scaling decentralized networks ( that level the playing field for service providers in digital ecosystems like e-commerce, mobility, and edtech. With Project Vaani (, she laid the groundwork for capturing linguistic diversity, paving the way for a more inclusive digital India.

With a deep sense of purpose, she recognizes the need for products and communities that support like-minded individuals in navigating the intersection of technology and impact. Recently moved to California, Shwetha thrives on collaboration and is eager to connect with folks who share her mission.

Steven Elleman
Space Steward

Steven Elleman is a former software engineer who worked at the intersection of cloud and identity (Okta, ScaleFT). In January he quit his job to “deinstitutionalize”, to learn how to “lay track” on his own, and see what would arise. DWeb has the highest density of people Steven admires, so it seemed logical to volunteer to put himself in the middle of the action. Steven’s other interests includes starting grouphouses and reading books on history and social sciences.

Tyler Childs
Space Steward of Mycelium Pavilion, Sillyz.Computer

TyChi is an internet artist. Like Spider-Man, he slings web stuff.

His in progress work is best compared to the film Monsters, Inc.. A bit spoilery, but the flick charts the progression of two societies living in a dystopia and their path towards a utopia. The monsters use the fear of the innocent to power their burgeoning, swanky society. In the end, it turned out that laughter was the best medicine and the humans no longer needed to be afraid of the artificially scary monsters.

The current state of this work is a blog that outlines what it is like living in a society fueled by fear-induced machines powered by greed. The ending is being written in real-time, but it should be all of us laughing the "Metaverse" into the ground if these clowns want to seriously take the world wide web on for a second round.


Videos from the summit:

Wendy Hanamura
DWeb Camp Event Producer

Wendy Hanamura is the producer of DWeb Camp. She was the master juggler of the DWeb Camp 2019, 2022, Decentralized Web Summits 2018 and 2016. 

She is a storyteller for social change.

As Director of Partnerships at the Internet Archive, Hanamura uses her communication skills as a veteran journalist and leader in non-profit media to share the remarkable mission of the Internet Archive—providing people everywhere with unfettered access to knowledge. 


Videos from the summit:

Will Howes
Space Steward

Will Howes is a Computer Science major at Reed College. He is a recurring volunteer at the Aaron Swartz Day International Hackathon and presented his experience with high school activism at the 2021 event. Will is excited to facilitate participation and engagement in the DWeb community and to make more friends in along the way. In his free time, Will likes to go for runs and read, among other things, the plot summaries of movies on Wikipedia.

Ying Tong Lai
Space Steward

Ying Tong is an applied cryptographer specialising in zero-knowledge proofs. She works on building secure and joyful systems for private communication and finance. She is also interested in poetics, history, and critical theory of cryptography.

Young Wong

Sifu Young Wong is a disciple of Hung Sing Style Choy Lee Fut. Choy Lee Fut, one of the most popular styles among full contact fighters throughout Asia, was founded over 150 years ago by Chan Heung in Gung Mui, China. Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut practitioners were instructed in the skills of defensive warfare and spiritual discipline.

Young studied both Wing Chun, (direct lineage from Ip Man, reknowned Chinese martial artist and grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun), as well as Choy Lee Fut (under Sifu E.Y. Lee, direct lineage from Grand Master Lau Bun, who is credited with bringing Choy Li Fut to America) Sifu Young's name has been entered in the Shaolin Temple and in the Choy Lee Fut origination temple in China. Young is also a retired architect and enjoys woodworking now.

Attendees coming to DWeb Camp

Dan Finlay

Brian Behlendorf
Linux Foundation et al

Kate Miller

Brewster Kahle
Internet Archive
Holmes Wilson
Quiet (
Randy Farmer
Social Design Catalyst
Josh Tan
Eugene Leventhal
Elizabeth Engelman
Aha Labs
Chad O
Aha Labs
Willem Wyndham
Aha Labs
Adam Souzis
Blaine Cook
Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen
CEO, Founder and Chair of
Dr John Ryan
Deep Futures
Richard Puckett
Technology Director, OpenArchive
Timid Robot
Creative Commons
Bruce Baumgart
retired, Internet Archive
founder metamask
Henry Wilkinson
Lindsay Walker
Starling Lab
Matthew Schutte
Matou Collective (Ahau), Scuttlebutt, Entropy
Duke Jones
Rich Bodo
Social Network Health Project
Patrick Ball
Vincent Charlebois
Hypha Worker Co-operative
mai ishikawa sutton Ese Ojo
DWeb / Fight for the Future
Wendy Hanamura
DWeb Camp Producer
Eric Bear
Dweb Camp, darksoil studio
Arkadiy Kukarkin
Decentralized Tech Lead, Internet Archive
Ian Davis
Mysilio Co
kev phước nguyễn
DWeb / Potluck Hoài Nam
Alan Ransil
Filecoin Green / Devonian Systems
Jason Morton
B Cavello
Aspen Digital, a program of The Aspen Institute
Steven Elleman Rob Lach
Love Computing
University of Advancing Technology- The Blockchain Club
Christian Koch
Orcfax Ltd.
Echo Duemig Peter Van Garderen
University of Washington
Theodore Keloglou
Newspeak House
Emma Nasseri
President of University of Kansas Blockchain Institute
Hudson Headley
KU Blockchain Institute
Jeremy Paradie
Gabriel Chartier
Iona Systems | GnoSys
Nick Sweeting Founder
Botao Amber Hu
Reality Design Lab
Marta Chierego
Maxwell McIntosh Ty Sullberg
Ize 👀
trina reynolds-tyler
Invisible Institute
Alicia Guo Nathan Hewitt
Gimmy Chang
Independent Researcher
Trav Fryer Mike Hourigan
George"geoah" Antoniadis Greg Slepak
Noah Chon Lee, Founder
Yas Etessam Brent Shambaugh
Enzo Soyer
Limus Vita
Kirt Walker Liz Sweigart
Holochain / Nos.Social / Vanderbilt University
Ryan Sternlicht
Noisebridge hackerspace, Aaron swartz day
Lisa Rein
Co-founder Aaron Swartz Day
Justin F. Knoll Audrey Sonntag Henry
Mark Carranza
Internet Archive
Isa Herico Velasco
Internet Archive
Christine Lemmer-Webber
Spritely Institute (Executive Director)
Morgan Lemmer-Webber Carl Gorringe Vivek Bhupatiraju
Cursive + EF PSE
Erica Frank, MD, MPH
Inventor/Founder; Professor UBC
Dr. Sawood Alam
Research Lead, Wayback Machine
Mark Graham
Internet Archive
Ruben Rodriguez Perez
IA Staff
Megan Shaw Prelinger
Prelinger Archives
Adrianne Finelli
Prelinger Archives
Brian Eggert
Prelinger Archives
Chris Lombardi
Reference Explorer
Meredith Finkelstein
Foundation for Open Source Ecosystem Technology Ben Muthalaly
Will Howes
Wayback Machine Engineer
Robin Woolner Nathalia Scherer
Sung Hong
Pam Selle Sean Hong ajay tallam
steward of the bay area permaculture guild and regeneration pollination
Mina C.
Internet Archive
Jenni Ottilie Keppler Shwetha Rao
Milo Kim Antoine McGrath Liz Steininger
Least Authority
Golda Velez
Ceramic Network
Christian Tschudin
U of Basel, Switzerland
Grace Ishadai Jones
Peter 'ribasushi' Rabbitson Amy Jones Rob Keizer
Internet Archive
Mark Nadal Derek Sheen
Lizz Thabet
Kevin Baragona
Founder at DeepAI
Gitonga Miriam Norika Kizawa
Founder of 🤠
JP Gagne
Anthony Baez
Eric Harris-Braun
Lia Holland (they/she)
Campaigns & Communications Director at Fight for the Future
Shannon Hong jia jiang
Webscape Wanderer Cody Harris Keith Weng
Alli Magidsohn
Meaning Maker
Andor Kesselman
Andor's Lab
Chris Lewis
Public Knowledge
Nick Garcia
Public Knowledge
Boris Mann
David Luecke
Feathers, DWebYVR
Wesley Finck
Jasmine Zou
Urban Logiq
Anish Lakhwara
Juliet Oberding
Lexy Lab
Alex Dalessio
Kaliya Young
Identity Woman
Glenn Poppe
Arthur Brock
Johannes Ernst
The Fediverse
Josh Simmons
The Foundation
Mek Karpeles
Internet Archive, Open Library
Anna Bonesteel
Fight for the Future
Marnie Webb
Tech Soup
BZ Petroff
Internet Archive
Lee Azzarello
Tony Lai
Mothertree Labs
Jack Fox Keen
Guardian Project
Cent Hosten
Luke Miller
Koi Pond Project
Tracey Jaquith
Internet Archive, Founding Coder
Paul d'Aoust
Holochain Foundation
Rosalind Marino
Jarod Holtz
Travis Vachon
Jaycen Horton
Aleksandar Abu Samra
Urban Innovator
Jennelyn Tumalad Bailon
Center for Cultural Innovation
Angie Kim
Center for Cultural Innovation
Brian Dang
Center for Cultural Innovation
Val Elefante
Center for Cultural Innovation, Metagov, &
Anavictoria Avila
Center for Cultural Innovation
Laura Poppiti
Center for Cultural Innovation
Christina Bowen
Dmitri Z.
Termie Evan Miyazono
Atlas Computing
Michael Toomim
Braid, Invisible College
Priya Kuber Steven Morris
Holochain & Regenerate Cascadia supporter
Timo Carlin-Burns
John C. Gonzalez; DWeb Conduct Team
Luke Hogg
Foundation for American Innovation
Lawrence Wang, Coordinape, Hylo
Tyler Childs
Sillyz.Computer; Plan98; Braid
Bobi Rakova
Data & Society Research Institute Affiliate
Will Wright

Oscar Meléndez Colón
Founder, Cíclica

Billion Lee
Evan Hahn
Digital Democracy
Paul Weidner
FarmOS, Cambium, Regen Network
Muhammad Noor
Rohingya Project
Andreas Dzialocha (adz)
Justus Perlwitz
JWP Consulting GK
Ying Tong
Geometry Research
Laja Olaiya
microfauna, sLcKrVsn
Jonathan Abbott Dinesh
Andrea Mills
Executive Director, Internet Archive Canada
Kiado Cruz
Surco Oaxaca
Diego Gonzalez-Medina
Shadrach Ankrah,
Connect Rurals
Taslim Oseni Ziye Zhang
Zoe Moore Wassim Z. Alsindi
Joy Chesbrough
Director of Philanthropy, Internet Archive
Akhilesh Thite Founder, Software Engineer
Tanveer Anoy
Founder- Mondro, Bangladesh Feminist Archives
Janet Glaze
Internet Archive
Kathryn Bates
Del Sol Quartet
Charlton Lee
Del Sol Quartet
Michelle Aerov
Internet Archive
Raymond Cheng
Kariba Labs Inc.
Juan Cruz
Colnodo - Colombia      James Baicoianu
Independent Researcher
Michael Emel
Sarah Grant
Radical Networks
Hobbes Goering
Sailor’s Union of the Pacific
Gaby Moran
Amina V.
Plurality Institute
Krishnan Unnikrishnan
Radiant IRIS
Norm O'Hagan
USB Club
Nat Decker Frankie Rex Riepe
Drew MacDonald
PLL Events Manager (IAC), Wine Guy
Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi
Digital Grassroots and Internet Society Benin
Jay Carpenter
Universal, Unified Identity & State Initiative, Braid
Kaitlin Donovan
Filecoin Foundation & Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web
Spencer Cavanaugh
Esther Jang
University of Washington, Local Connectivity Lab
Marie Kochsiek
drip. period & fertility tracking app, Heart of Code
David Casey
Funding the Commons
Ankita Raturi
Ag Informatics Lab @ Purdue Univ.
Sunny Karnani Asif Bhatti
Ben Kreith
Del Sol Quartet
Ronen Tamari
Astera Institute / Common SenseMakers
Batool Almarzouq
The Alan Turing Institute/Open Science Community Saudi Arabia
Stacco Troncoso
Roxi Shohadaee
Gray Area
Greg Austic
Our Sci
Speaker John Ash
Matt Lorentz
Erik Moeller
Freedom of the Press Foundation
Barry Threw
Gray Area
Hannah Scott
Gray Area
Galina Fendikevich
Filecoin Orbit Ambassador
Amie Corso althea allen
Privacy and Scaling Explorations, Ethereum Foundation
Hodlon // PSE // [email protected]
Ravi Velineni Darrell Duane Aryabhatta
Chandler Sister City Ambassador
Doc Searls
Customer Commons, Ostrom Workshop, Indiana University
Jefferson Sankara
Filecoin Foundation (TPM, Data Onboarding and Integration)
Krystal Lauk
Illustrator & Artist
Stefan Magdalinski
Filecoin Foundation
Clare Politano
Hylo & Terran Collective
Rabble Henshaw-Plath, Causes
Susan Koch
Founder 3xethical, Brand Partner PersonalAI. Legacy project:
Marshall Thompson
Feathers Cloud

noms / clay
fka Naomi Joy Smith
DWeb Camp organizers,, etc

Svitlana Midianko
Curious Being
Ross Settles
Ladder Studios
Andre Vacha
John Bruhling Kate Hollenbach
Gray Area
Yar Cohen
Tyler AtHeartEngineer
Privacy and Scaling Explorations
Erik Suhonen
Head of Ecosystem at Project Liberty
Ian Davis
Filecoin Foundation // Mysilio
Carla Ostmann Aaron Brodeur
Terran Collective / Hylo / Holochain
Ben Green
David Thomas
Executive Director, Open Food Network Canada
LX Cast
Fractal Spaces
Rudo Kemper
Conservation Metrics / Terrastories
Gonzalez Eugene Leventhal
Cent HostenMetagov
Nick Tucker Andi Wong
Young Wong
Benjamin Life
Co-Founder, OpenCivics
Amanda Hickman
MuckRock, DocumentCloud
Sean Kvingedal
Alli Magidsohn
Meaning Maker
Sharon Albuerne Dorn Cox
Ryan Taylor
Zero-knowledge Audiovisual Club
Kris Kowal
Space Steward
Nico Shi
     Social Layer | Animated Reality | Mars College | Agartha.One
Megan Klimen
Founding Officer of Filecoin
Brynn O'Donnell
Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web
Hunter Treseder
Filecoin Foundation, Head of Social Impact Program
Drew Zabrocki
Totem, Ltd
Rithikha Rajamohan
V6A Labs
Rachel Akerley
Marta Belcher
Founder and Chair
Founding Officer of Filecoin
Day Waterbury
Long ARC Foundation / Planetary Pluralist Party (P3) / CTA
Ihsan Waterbury
Edna Brewer Middle School (OUSD)
Tibet Sprague
Terran Collective & Hylo
Rick Shinozaki
Del Sol Quartet
Viktor Zaunders
darksoil studio
Milo Kim

     Sarah Fortune

Linda S.
Nos Social
Tommie Introna
Serpentine Arts Technologies
Daveed Benjamin
Bridgit DAO, Pachaverse, Overweb
Echo Duemig Ana Pura
coolab & attentē
Sue Valentine
Open Society Foundations, UK
Josh Ford
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