Aug 7-11, 2024 ✵ Camp Navarro, CA

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Democratizing blockchain law education by Hayley Anna >

Designing for Intersectional Data Sovereignty by Camille Nibungco >

Can Holochain Be a Scalable Solution to a Trust Issue in the Medical School-Student Relationship? by Yavuz Selim Kıyak >

An Ecosystem of Trustworthy Apps by Sandro Hawke >

Introducing Neighbourhoods' Distributed Groupware Framework by Emaline Friedman  and Siddharth Sthalekar >

The Coming War of the Bots: Personal AI vs. corporate AI by Doc Searls >

DWeb Policy Action Plan: DWeb Goes to Washington by Chris Lewis, Catherine Stihler, Danny O'Brien, Ross Schulman, and Nick Garcia >

A Taste of Tomorrow Today by Michael Toomim, Jackson Morgan, Mark Nadal, and Tyler Childs >

Matrix: decentralised encrypted communication for all! by Kegan Dougal >

Safeguarding Open-Source AI: The Decentralized Cloud's Power Play in Global Model Access and Speed by Kevin Leffew >

Solid in 2023 by Tim Berners-Lee and Jackson Morgan >

Why we're doing all this and where it's leading by Holmes Wilson >

Storj Non Technical Review by Dominick Marino >

DWeb Labs by Eric Bear >

Storytelling in the age of AI by Laurie Penny and Animus aka Oscar Sharp >

An Overview of the Decentralized Identity Foundation by Limari Navarrete >

The Storj Poke Bowl by Krista Spriggs >

Putting Public Data in the Hands of the People... Permanently by Presented by Andrea Mills, Clara Tsao, Hayley Anna, and Jamie Joyce >

Information Dissemination Efficiency of Decentralized Protocols by jiangplus >

Decentralized Data, AI, and the Open Web by Henry Wang >

blogtini: Decentralize & Archive your content forever by Tracey Jaquith >

How to participate in the DWeb Camp Local Network by Esther Chang >

How Do We Build a Good, Kind, Accessible DWeb? by Stef Magdalinski >

Decentralization and Archiving: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities by Presnted by Lorena Ramirez-Lopez, Sawood Alam, Jack Cushman , Benedict Lau, Tessa Walsh, and Ilya Kreymer >

Creating a conflict free database with SQLite by Matt Wonlaw >

Introducing Peersky, a minimal p2p web browser; by Akhilesh Thite >

What research says about mental health in communities by Rich Bodo >

Is DNS Backward? by Jay Carpenter >

Introduction by T. B. Dinesh >

Decentralized Healthcare Mary Lou Jepsen and John Ryan >

Decentralization: A Game with Many Winners by Brewster Kahle >

Challenges of Federation: The Epistemic Brokenness of the U.S. Government's Knowledge Management System Jamie Joyce >

Privacy by Design, Default and Choice by Arthur Brock, Grant Gallo, Guo Liu, and Liz Steininger >

Webscape Wanderer: exploring of projects in the Dat Ecosystem by Micah Fitch >

DWeb Camp 2023: Opening Ceremony by the DWeb Organizing Team >

Seattle Community Network by Cody Harris >

Meet the Real Social Media "Influencers" by by Kegan Dougal, Rabble, Bryan Newbold, Christine Lemmer-Webber, Danny O'Brien, and Randy Farmer >

AGI meets Web3, cryptography and DID are our last weapons to prove humanity by Homin Luo >

Building a Free and Open (decentralized) Cloud by Adam Souzis >

Linked Trust Live by Golda Valez >

Putting the "D" in DSNP by Wes Biggs >

The DWeb in Your Back Pocket by Madeline de Figueiredo, Jack Fox Keen, and Stef Magdalinski >

AI Dilemma by Aza Raskin > how and why to run your own web archive by Jack Cushman >

Ownership in a Digital World by Allison Duettmann, Marta Belcher, Barry Threw, Catherine Stihler, and Jason Kwon >

How to be a hypocrite as a liberal Westerner in tech by Ael >

Decentralized Social Networks: Prioritizing People and Ethics over Platforms by Denise Duncan >

"Computer Sciences are Social Sciences!" by Tommi >

Composable Data by Golda Velez >

Scambi Festival and its Paneurethic Labs by Tommi >

Towards plenty - growing local food webs Presented by Viktor Zaunders >

The Environmental Footprint of my Data by Megan Klimen and Alan Ransil >