Composable Data by Golda Velez

Presented by Golda Velez

What is Composable Data?  Will start with a high level overview, of what happens if you have a shared data ecosystem where users with DIDs can create and share models, and then create and share data streams using them?  We'll go from the conceptual to the nitty-gritty with code samples and try to speed run thru the dataverse on Ceramic.

Golda Velez
3Box, DevOps Engineer |, Technical Advisor |, Community lead

Golda is focused on the intersection of code and society, from tools for shared governance to linked trust claims to keep out bad actors. She has been a software engineer (or otherwise a hacker/debugger type) for over 30 years, with experience ranging from Assembly language NetBIOS layer at Artisoft to the Webglimpse search engine, from industrial stremgh Perl at Oracle to Python data pipelines at Factual, more recently fighting organized attackers on the Risk team at Postmates and keeping the pipes running on Uber platform. Now at home at 3box, she supports the infrastructure for Ceramic development. 

On the side Golda helps run the community that emerged from the Bluesky launch, advises and supports the startup for building community through realtime events, and contributes to projects at for developing tech to fight bad actors and enable trust and cooperation. Decentralized Linked Trust to save us all!


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