Introducing Neighbourhoods' Distributed Groupware Framework by Emaline Friedman  and Siddharth Sthalekar

Presented by Emaline Friedman  and Siddharth Sthalekar

A brief talk about Neighbourhoods' Distributed Groupware Framework with slides.

Emaline Friedman

Emaline Friedman, PhD became too interested in distributed networking while writing a book about Internet Addiction as a grad student in Psychology. In addition to part-time work as a psychotherapist, she has been exploring the potentials of DWeb to address the ills of the corporate web and to fulfill on the creative promises of the early internet in a more equitable way. Emaline has held a variety of positions in the Holochain ecosystem: writing, speaking, and organizing with Holochain, Holo, the Commons Engine, and currently leading communications in Neighbourhoods. 


Videos from the summit:

Sid Sthalekar

Sid’s experience spans both ends of the economic spectrum: from heading South Asia's largest trading desk, to exploring distributed economic paradigms in the Gandhi Ashram in India.  

As part of the Neighbourhoods project, he is interested in sense-making infrastructure for new kinds of social and economic coordination. Such systems enable the contextual articulation and porting of 'reputation currencies'.  

He believes this is the key to discovery, engagement and commercial interactions within the dimensions of culture and social fabric.


Videos from the summit:

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