An Ecosystem of Trustworthy Apps by Sandro Hawke

Presented by Sandro Hawke

Many of the problems people experience with the online world could be addressed if we had "App Freedom", the ability to move easily between applications, without being locked in by siloed data and relationships.

This is a difficult but not impossible challenge. Many other projects seem to be heading in this direction without articulating this goal. This goal state is where we need to be for our apps to be trustworthy and good for humanity.

In this session, I'll summarize this situation, then go through the steps of how we can solve it.  Those steps are:

1. Store data under user control
2. Use translation modules to convert between data schemas
3. Use a credibility network to provide trust and safety
4. Provide a user-data sandbox so people can safely explore apps

This is a report of work in progress, looking for dialog and collaboration.

Sandro Hawke
Founder, Writable Site

Sandro is software engineer and tech lead who wants the internet to be a pure force for good. For almost 20 years, he worked at W3C/MIT developing and standarizing technologies for the Semantic Web, Social Web, and finally the Credible Web. He led the CredWeb group to produce a landmark report on how to use technology to address misinformation without censorship. The recommendations were not followed. Since then, he's been working solo to refine and implement his plan for practical trust-aware decentralization.


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