Seattle Community Network by Cody Harris

Presented by Cody Harris

The Seattle Community Network (SCN) is a community-run cellular (4G LTE) Internet access network dedicated to providing fair access to underserved communities all across the Puget Sound. Our project is firmly grounded in the principles of community empowerment. The network is a participatory construction, where local residents and institutions help each other in a collaborative and community-minded way. 

In this session we'll introduce SCN and provide updates on our activities since last DWeb camp.

Cody Harris
Volunteer, Independent / Seattle Community Network

Cody lives in Seattle and likes networks and distributed systems. He volunteers with the Connections Museum in Seattle repairing antique telephone switches and giving tours to the public. He recently assisted Shadytel build an analog phone network serving campsites at ToorCamp 2022. He's also an active volunteer with Seattle Community Network.


Videos from the summit:

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