Creating a conflict free database with SQLite by Matt Wonlaw

Presented by Matt Wonlaw

Building software that can merge edits with others is hard. Throw in peer to peer rather than client-server network configurations and it can feel impossible. 

What if we took all of this complexity and let the database deal with it? Relational databases simplified indices, constraints and transactions. Can they do the same for distributed state and conflict resolution?

Matt Wonlaw

Matt has a passion for removing complexity from software development. He currently works on cr-sqlite &, building frameworks to tame dsitributed state and simplify collaborative and local-first applications.

Matt got his interest in collaborative and distributed applications while working at Lockheed Martin where he developed software to help submarine crews collaborate on tracking and navigation. After Lockheed, Matt spent 8 years at Meta working on privacy, security & abuse protection. The guiding principle behind all of Matt's work at Meta was to make product code "safe by default." This meant building frameworks that developers loved to use for their products and, by using them, made their products safe. Matt is currently bringing this same mindset to the problems of distributed state and collaboration to make software distributed and collaborative by default.


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