Democratizing blockchain law education by Hayley Anna

Presented by Hayley Anna

This talk is formated to cover the following:

  • Overview of the Center (quick history, partners/funders, mission/purpose, info about the team).
  • Explain our priorities (education, community, research, policy) and initiatives.
  • Importance and impact.
  • Ways to engage .
  • Q&A.
Hayley Anna
Speaker, Blockchain Law for Social Good Center

Hayley is the Program Assistant for the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center where she supports the first-of-its-kind blockchain law center that considers the challenges and opportunities of a blockchain-based future. Prior to her current role, Hayley led research at the World Economic Forum where she co-authored a report on blockchain for scaling climate action. With a background in international and economic development, Hayley is passionate about the potential for decentralized technologies to create a society where people and the planet can thrive and prosper.


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