The Environmental Footprint of my Data by Megan Klimen and Alan Ransil

Presented by Megan Klimen and Alan Ransil

Filecoin Green has been working to evaluate and mitigate the energy use that comes from storing data on the DWeb. Join Alan Ransil to understand blind spots in assessing our energy use online and ways we can use blockchain tech to promote clean energy consumption, in the DWeb and other industries.

Alan Ransil
Protocol Labs, Filecoin Foundation

Alan leads the Filecoin Green initiative at Protocol Labs which builds web3 tools to fight climate change. He studied energy storage materials at MIT where he received his PhD in 2018, and has worked on projects for the MIT Energy Initiative, ARPA-E, and DARPA. He is an advisor to the Global Carbon Reward project, and an organizer for the Sustainable Blockchain Summit.


Videos from the summit:

Megan Klimen
Founding Director, Filecoin Foundation & Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web

Megan Klimen is the co-founding officer of Filecoin Foundation and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web. Previously, she was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of 3Scan, a biotech startup that developed 3D robotic serial sectioning microscopes, with the mission of enabling big data analysis of human tissue for applications including clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, 3D organ printing, and brain mapping. In addition, Megan co-ran an open data project in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, that organized and made available academic and military research, co-organized the open-source “BIL” Conference, and is a founding member of Women in Hardware.


Videos from the summit:

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