Information Dissemination Efficiency of Decentralized Protocols by jiangplus

Presnted by jiangplus

1. The idea of gossip protocol, how is data gossiped in the network
2. What if we run thousands of website on a node with IPNS, what would be the cost, and why it is hard to scale.
3. How is information disseminated in Nostr, Mastodon, SSB, Libp2p Pubsub. The idea of Information Dissemination Efficiency.
4. How can we improve it with Epidemic Broadcast Trees.
5. The scalability of the network, and how affordable it is to run the nodes, and how does that affect the distribution of the network.

jiangplus ‎
Speaker, DDNX, Distributed System Researcher

Jiang is a distributed system researcher building DDNX, the decentralized DNS resolution protocol, which use DNSSEC to generate cryptographic proof of domain ownership, and have it verified on blockchain system. So that we can have fully verified on-chain identity of domain names, and create proofs for the owner of the websites. Jiang is also interested in topics like peer-to-peer technology, distributed system, capability-based security and functional programming.

Jiang lives in Dali, China, where he is building organic communities. He organized Creator Basic Income (CBI), which is a basic income program to support creators or artists that can contribute to the community.

Jiang was also the organizer of Papers We Love Beijing Chapter.


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