How to be a hypocrite as a liberal Westerner in tech by Ael


The main outcome of this talk is to break down step by step how to be a hypocrite as a Westerner using liberal languages to respond to every critism on the status quo power structure. 

Ael .
Speaker, Fellow, g0v contributor

Ael is an active g0v contributor that wants to co-create open and collaborative civic participation with the open source community. She was a co-organiser of Civic Hacknight and the product manager in “Disfactory”, a report platform on illegal factories on the farmlands in Taiwan.

Ael was the project manager of g0v Civic Tech Prototype Grant working with g0v Hackathon Organizer (Jothon) team, the product manager of, an issue-policy mapping tool, a coordinator of “Herstory in East Asia”, and to assist citizens finding vaccination registration information. She was also the PR lead of g0v Summit 2018.


Videos from the summit:

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