Building a Free and Open (decentralized) Cloud by Adam Souzis

Presented by Adam Souzis

This talk is formatted to inculde the following:

  • introduction: high-level vision, concept and goals
  • more concrete description of architecture and technology
  • how this fits into the DWeb ecosystem
  • how can we boostrap this?
  • from the attention economy to the intention economy: how a free and open cloud can change the economic incentives for building
  • demo and Q/A
Adam Souzis
Founder, OneCommons

Adam is founder of He has long had an interest in decentralized and participatory systems: In 2003 he released Rhizome, the first open source semantic wiki; he cofounded Kinecta, a leading provider of syndication and aggregation solutions; and built Glam/Mode Media's OpenSocial-based distributed apps platform. 

Adam likes to balance his research projects with a practical business side. He has launched a variety of companies, including a street fashion social network (, a cannabis tech platform (Octavia Wellness), one in ad-tech (Graphite) and one blocking ads (FairBlocker).

He is thrilled to finally bring these two sides together with OneCommons: a decentralized, non-proprietary platform with a viable business plan.


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