How Do We Build a Good, Kind, Accessible DWeb? by Stef Magdalinski

Presented by Stef Magdalinski

Let's be honest, if decentralization is the web of the future, why is so much of it so bad? Why do we reject even the good bits of the earlier webs? Learn why usability will always matter, why accessibility is key, how logs are your bestest ally, and the 5 Neat Tricks for building great, enjoyable, reliable, stable, accessible websites and apps. Get tips from a grumpy old man (who is also a Webby winner and BAFTA nominee for his websites)

Stefan Magdalinski
Filecoin Foundation & Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web

Battle-weary Web/Web2 person, reinvigorated for the next boss fight. This time, we’ll get it right, RIGHT? Things I’ve cofounded that still exist: , , , . I’ve been an (bad) engineer, (better) CTO, COO, and CEO. I’m an extreme nerd about usability- If people can’t use, or don’t enjoy the thing you built, try again. Other interests - democracy, privacy, security, civic hactivism. I don’t like linkedIn either but it does have a timeline:


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