"Computer Sciences are Social Sciences!" by Tommi

Presented by Tommi

Computer Sciences are considered technical sciences, and often dismissed by the public as “for nerds”. Instead, arguably they are the most humanistic of all sciences, since IT was created by humans, for humans.

We need to reinvent our whole approach to Information Technology and start considering it from a Socio-Philosophical perspective first!

This talk is going to analyze the Internet and its history from a philosophical approach, and envision paths leading to a better future.

Current and future digital tech tools are going to be linked with philosophical thoughts that are politically considered utopic.

Tommi Marmo
co-founder and president; tommi.space, creator; quitsocialmedia.club,, Scambi Festival

Tommi is an enthusiastic and curious 22 years old weirdo from Italy. He is the co-founder Scambi Festival, a cultural event focused on interactive workshops which is organized exclusively by a staff of under 25 volunteers coming from all over Europe. He just graduated in Philosophy, International Studies, and Economics at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Tommi is a dreamer and an activist concerning the need of a deeper sociological and philosophical analysis of the Internet, at its essential core. In 2020 he deleted all of his mainstream social media accounts and created tommi.space, that he considers the virtual representation of his mind. He is the admin of Pan, a tiny but lovely Fediverse node.


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