Is DNS Backward? by Jay Carpenter

Presetned by Jay Carpenter


Why might the Domain Name System (DNS) be fundamentally reversed from a more human friendly and elegant architecture? How might an alternative system work? How could be pioneer a system superior to DNS? How might this new DNS alternative be a key step toward a viable decentralized identity? These questions will be addressed in this presentation.
Jay Carpenter
Founder, Desert Blockchain LLC

Jay Carpenter has been an active member of the Blockchain and Decentralized Web community since 2014.  His primary interest in this evolving space is in the realm of naming, numbering, addressing and identity.

Jay is the founder of Desert Blockchain which is the largest Blockchain meetup in Arizona.

He has taught as an Adjunct Professor at University of Advancing Technology ( a technical course on the intersection of Blockchain development, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.  Jay is regularly invited as a guest lecturer on Blockchain and Web 3.0 topics at the Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

He has an extensive background in technology, entrepreneurship and finance.  He is a graduate of Arizona State University with an undergraduate degree in business with emphasis in finance.  He obtained an MBA from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in finance.

Jay is passionate about the emerging new realms of communications, finance and the societal possibilities associated with a Blockchain and Decentralized Web centric future.



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