A Taste of Tomorrow Today by Michael Toomim, Jackson Morgan, Mark Nadal, and Tyler Childs

Presented by Michael Toomim, Jackson Morgan, Mark Nadal, and Tyler Childs

The future is coming, but how much of it is already here? In a guided demonstration, we journey through three Dweb technologies bundled together in one prototype followed by a panel interview with some of the champions of these projects.

This talk also covers solidproject.org - streamlining our digital chores by selectively sharing secure information braid.org - collaborating across time and space and systems, provided http gun.eco - securely party with lightning fast instruments and lounges. These three technologies are each innovative in their own right. Can all three coexist? If they can, what other technologies might be more like collaborators than competitors?

Jackson Morgan
Founder, O.team

Jackson Morgan is the founder of O.team, a consulting firm focused on the decentralized storage network, Solid.


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Mark Nadal
Founder, GUN

Mark is a mathematician turned programmer. He runs a VC backed Open Source company and has traveled to 30 countries. The diverse cultures he has experienced fuels his passion for learning, sharing, and creating open technology freely for all.


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Tyler Childs
Founder, Sillyz.Computer

TyChi is an internet artist. Like Spider-Man, he slings web stuff.

His in progress work is best compared to the film Monsters, Inc.. A bit spoilery, but the flick charts the progression of two societies living in a dystopia and their path towards a utopia. The monsters use the fear of the innocent to power their burgeoning, swanky society. In the end, it turned out that laughter was the best medicine and the humans no longer needed to be afraid of the artificially scary monsters.

The current state of this work is a blog that outlines what it is like living in a society fueled by fear-induced machines powered by greed. The ending is being written in real-time, but it should be all of us laughing the "Metaverse" into the ground if these clowns want to seriously take the world wide web on for a second round.


Videos from the summit:

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