Decentralized Healthcare Mary Lou Jepsen and John Ryan

Presented by Mary Lou Jepsen and John Ryan

New devices using novel semiconductor components can transform outcomes for many diseases including stroke, aggressive cancers, and mental and neuro degenerative diseases. Decentralized access to these technologies could save countless more lives more quickly. What is the responsible way to think about deployment as we sit on the verge of regulatory approvals for devices that are yielding astonishing early results in the clinic with a re-usable device that at-scale can cost less than the price of a smartphone?

Mary Lou Jepsen
Founder & CEO, Openwater

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen is the founder and CEO of Openwater, ( Previously, she was Co-founder and CTO of One Laptop per Child (OLPC) and a former executive at Facebook, Oculus, Google, and Intel.  Other highlights: former MIT Professor.  Founded 4 hardware companies. 250 published or issued patents.  TIME named her one of the hundred most influential people in the world. 

Her latest company, Openwater, aims to create an inexpensive, noninvasive, portable medical imaging device that rivals MRI quality imaging at a fraction of the price and size.


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John Ryan
co-steward of Dweb principles; CEO, Muinin

1. Co-founder, CEO Muinin pbc, which has a novel approach to software security (ask me), including use of distributed ledgers.
2. Co-steward, with Mai Ishikawa Sutton, of the creation of the Dweb principles; we're leading a session at DWeb camp discussing principle 5, the ecological / environmental principle, which may need to be updated, or made more robust.
3. Writer on macro-economics of the post-fossil fuel world. One challenge is how to make all organizations accountable for costs (and benefits!) that aren't on their books? I'll be asking for your thoughts on that and hosting a session on this gnarly topic at DWeb Camp. Writings at and which is horribly out of date. 
4. Spouse of Mary Lou Jepsen; painter, rudimentary cellist, resident of Sausalito, California.


Videos from the summit:

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