Aug 7-11, 2024 ✵ Camp Navarro, CA

Webscape Wanderer: exploring of projects in the Dat Ecosystem by Micah Fitch

Presented by Micah Fitch

This talk is formatted to cover the following:

  • 1 minute to demo the tool (it's very simple)
  • 2 minutes reminiscing on the relationships in the Dat community, reminding us all of the importance of the all of our relationships/connections, and just to remember how much everything is connected!
  • 1 minute on technical stuff
  • 3 minutes on goals and questions for the audience on what they'd like to see from this tool, along with an ask to get involved!
Micah Fitch

Micah is an open source technologist and curious creative. Some of his works include a distributed wiki application made with Hyper Hyper Space, the soundtrack for a browser-based videogame called Wilderplace and experimental visualizations of spherical non-Euclidean geometry and other mathematical stuff. In the past he contributed to the offline-first, open source education platform Kolibri.

At the moment Micah is especially excited about two new projects: a 3D network visualization tool he's been working on called
Webscape Wanderer and a Hyper Hyper Space application called Memoblocks.

- @micahscopes on GitHub


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