Project Leads & Presenters

DWeb 2023 Team

Aditi Shah
Content Manager

Aditi likes to take walks on the internet. She also enjoys playing with data and has a deep affection for languages.

Alexis Rossi
Code of Conduct Team Leader;

Alexis Rossi manages all aspects of Internet Archive collections work for movies, audio, software, and books, as well as the web site and social media presences. From 2006-2008, Rossi managed the audio and video collections and Open Library, as well as working on the Open Content Alliance, and the Zotero/IA project. From 2009-2015 Rossi managed internal web crawling projects and the Wayback Machine.

Rossi has been working with Internet content since 1996 when she discovered that being picky about words in books was good training for being picky about data on computers. She spent several years managing news content at ClariNet (the first online news aggregator), worked as the Editorial Director at Alexa Internet, and as Product Manager at Mixercast.

Rossi has an Masters of Library and Information Science, concentrating on web technologies and interfaces, and enjoys making jewelry, dancing, and baking Cookie Smackdown-winning cookies.

Amir Saber
Lead Craftsman

Amir received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a practicing Bay Area artist and educator. Amir's role at the Internet Archive is to connect artist with the collections and to show what is possible when open access to information meets the arts. He is also the founder and director of the Artist in Residence Program at the Internet Archive.

Andi Wong
Space Steward, Youth Programming

Andi Wong is excited to steward the “BE WATER” Way Station at DWeb Camp, a welcoming place for learners of all ages to create, collaborate, and go with the flow. Andi served as teaching artist and site arts coordinator in San Francisco public schools for over two decades. As project coordinator for ArtsEd4All, she creates curriculum, conducts workshops, hosts film screenings, and organizes participatory community events such as the annual Blake Mini Library book drive for Hamilton Families, Civic Season with Made By Us, and open-ended play with The Blue Marbles Project. Her creative partners include composer/musician Marcus Shelby, First Voice led by artistic directors Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu, The Last Hoisan Poets (poets Genny Lim, Flo Oy Wong and Nellie Wong), Del Sol String Quartet, and the Internet Archive.

Antonia Bustamante
Content Moderator; Space Steward

Audio engineer and coder working around the creative possibilities of programming in artistic and experimental projects. Antonia works as a developer and researcher in EnFlujo,  a lab based in Los Andes University (Bogotá, Colombia), and volunteers remotely at DWeb.

She is interested in power and the ways of exerting it, technological appropriation, and digital culture and media, and enjoys error, replica, margin, and doubt.

Arkadiy Kukarkin
Technical Director

Arkadiy has worked on creating sustainable communities on the web for the past decade. He is currently the Decentralized Tech lead at the Internet Archive and has served as  Collaborations Coordinator with Protocol Labs and advisor to Ampled, an artist support co-operative. Previously, he was the CTO at Mediachain Labs (acquired by Spotify in spring 2017) and worked on The Hype Machine, an influential music blog aggregator.

Barry Threw
Arts Track Organizer

Barry Threw cultivates forward-looking, impactful, boundary-blurring projects engaging culture and technology. He is currently Executive Director with Gray Area, a San Francisco based interdisciplinary hub applying creative action for social transformation. His career has spanned collaborations as an executive, curator, technologist, designer, community organizer, cultural producer, and strategist. His previous leadership positions have generated innovative & influential platforms, products, teams, and businesses spanning art, music, internet, built environment, and experiential & immersive media. He was Director of Software with Obscura Digital, a San Francisco-based creative technology studio specializing in the design and execution of immersive and interactive experiences worldwide. He also played a key role in developing and operating the Vatican Arts and Technology Council, a non-denominational external advisory body for the Vatican, which advanced Pope Francis's goals of environmental stewardship, humanitarian compassion, and spreading experiences of spirituality worldwide through an experimental art and technology lab. He is increasingly sure that integral approaches combining art, technology, and the humanities are necessary for economic, social, and ecological regeneration. 

Brady Gill (Honey Bear)
D-Web MC // Organizer; Space Steward, Giant Sequoia Stage/Sapling Stage

Brady is the Co-Founder and Camp Director of Custom Camps. All of Brady's professional and personal endeavors center around his belief that we should be playing more and worrying less. An artist specializing in community gathering and the spoken word, Brady delights in experiences like D-Web Camp where many different people come together to share and play with each other.

Brian Eggert
Space Steward, Hackers Hall

Brian left a data analyst position at an adtech startup to brush up on his coding skills. He has previously done web design in the non-profit space and a lot of SQL in the healthcare space. He has an MSIS and an MA in Latin American Studies from UT Austin and held graduate research positions at the Benson Latin American Collection and the Social Justice Institute. Brian attended the DWeb Summit: Global Vision / Working Code in 2018 and has followed DWeb’s evolution with interest.

BZ Petroff
Space Steward -- Hospitality & Procurement

BZ joined the Internet Archive in October 2016. A veteran of the Animation industry; Lucasfilm, Wild Brain, Pixar and Colossal Pictures, it was her love of books that drove her to work for the Internet Archive. As a life long "people person" she is well suited for her responsibilities in events and people operations for the Archive. When not working, BZ likes to watch baseball, listen to jazz and go running on her beloved Mt. Tamalpais.

Cent Hosten
Space Steward, Governance Track

Cent Hosten is a researcher and community manager at Metagov.

Charles Lehner
Space Steward

Charles E. Lehner (~cel) works on free/libre/open-source decentralization technology.

As a software engineer at Spruce, Charles is working on DIDKit, a cross-platform decentralized identity toolkit with a core library written in Rust.

Charles participates in standardization at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - in the Verifiable Credentials Working Group (VCWG), Decentralized Identifiers Working Group (DID WG), and Credentials Community Group (CCG). He also participates in the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and Internet Identity Workshop (IIW). Charles is a Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation, Associate Member of IEEE (Northeastern USA / Long Island section), and Individual Member of IDPro.

Charles is active on the Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) network as a contributor and community member. He developed and maintains SSB applications such as git-ssb, ssb-npm and patchfoo.

Charles is excited to be able to help out at this DWeb Camp. He was extremely fortunate to have attended the previous DWeb Camp (2019) and Decentralized Web Summits (2016, 2018). He also attended Funding the Commons Summit (June 2022 / New York, NY).

Charles graduated from University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) with a BSc. in Computer Science, Class of 2015. In 2013 he was a hackNY fellow at ChatID (New York, NY).

Charles also participates in community theatre, at North Fork Community Theatre (Mattituck, NY) and Northeast Stage (Greenport, NY).

SSB ID: @f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr7u5AU=.ed25519

Personal Website

W3C Wiki User Page

Collin McClain
Space Steward, Universal Access Amphitheater

Collin McClain is a systems thinker and facilitator interested in the ways that social and technical systems interact. Passionate about cooperative economics and governance they seek to foster alternatives to our communication and information systems which have historically developed from empire. Collin currently works for Holochain as a writer and researcher.

Cristan Gutierrez
Summer Intern

DWeb Summer intern

Eric Bear
Dweb Labs Organizer

I grow creative, sensitive, and distributed relational fabric around meaningful things.

Eseohe Ojo
Associate Producer; Space Steward, Redwood Cathedral

Eseohe Ojo (Ese) is Policy and Campaign Manager at Fight for the Future as well as Projects Organizer with DWeb. She is an Associate Producer of 2022 DWeb Camp. She’s worked on various projects involving policy, writing, research and communications with nonprofits on a range of issues including digital rights, the environment, freedom of expression, access to information, academic freedom, gender, democracy, and open government.

Heather Hurland
Rituals Stage Manager

Heather Hurford is an advocate for diverse and inclusive workplaces where people have equal access to opportunities and can feel a sense of belonging. She is learning about allyship and how to embody it and enable it in others. She recently started the Inclusion Book Club to take a step in that direction. Her rich and complex experience; from small startups to the giants like Google, LinkedIn and Apple, points to a common need for tools and practices that foster compassion and psychological safety at work. By normalizing and rewarding these values in business, we may unlock potential to tackle some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Heather has a regular meditation and mindfulness practice and prioritizes time in nature, community and contemplation.

Ian Davis
Space Steward, Unconference Sessions

Ian is a platform / protocol engineer with over a decade of experience building and managing distributed infrastructure. He takes a particular focus on the ethical and social aspects of what he is building, and is an expert in new decentralized, privacy preserving identity and data storage solutions like Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, and Social Linked Data. He participates in the Secure Data Storage working group of the Decentralized Identity foundation, and is passionate about building technical tools and standards that help communities and individuals manage and share their data in a way that promotes consent and autonomy. He is currently building a more cooperative web Mysilio Co.

Ira Nezhynska
Creative Director

Ira is a designer with a focus on branding for emerging technologies.

Always being on a mission to “made new tech look beautiful and human” she made her way from traditional advertising for huge retail brands to software development for German and Nordic tech scenes, to — since early 2018 — designing for decentralized web.

These days she helps Web3 creators connect with their early adopters through the language of share and color. Additionally to her work on brand development at Jolocom and DWeb, she organizes (occasional) DWebDesign meetups in Berlin.

Jackson Morgan
Space Steward, Universal Access Amphitheater

Jackson Morgan is the founder of, a consulting firm focused on the decentralized storage network, Solid.

Kelsey Breseman
Head Weaver

Tlingit, forest person, engineer, and activist. Working on environmental data justice and communities' right to know about and be protected from toxics in their environment. Moonlighting as data director for a universal healthcare ballot initiative. Always interested in how tech tools shift the balance of power.

Kev Nguyen
Associate Producer

void temporarily made human

Mai Ishikawa Sutton
Director of Fellowships

Mai Ishikawa Sutton is founder of COMPOST magazine, contributor at Hypha Worker Co-operative, and an organizer and writer focused on the intersections of human rights, solidarity economics, and digital commons. They were a steward/community organizer with the People's Open Network, DWeb Camp 2019 Associate Producer, and Digital Commons Fellow with Commons Network. Formerly, they were the Community Engagement Manager at Shareable. Before that they were with the Electronic Frontier Foundation advocating for the public interest in international intellectual property policy.

Mariah Villarreal
Space Steward

Mariah is passionate about learning, free culture, and software freedom. Rooted in community and transformative justice, she wants to help foster a digital learning ecosystem which prioritizes our individual and collective agencies. They are dedicated to promoting lifelong learning, creative expression, and equitable access to information.

Matt Jurenka
Space Steward, Thunder Salon

I am a freelancer that specializes in fullstack Rust and TypeScript blockchain development. Looking for projects at the moment, please contact me through my website.

Matthew Schutte
Space Steward, Thunder Salon
Expert Surfer / Non-expert Musician / Facilitator / Speaker / Philosopher / Systems Design Consultant. 
In this Decentralized Web world, I have worked primarily on the communications side of things (with additional work on community / business models and high level application architecture) but am presently diving deeper into software development because I want to be a bit more hands on in exploring the new applications and patterns that are becoming possible with the maturation of Holochain and other p2p protocols/frameworks/applications.
ngọc triệu
Steward, Design Track

ngọc triệu practices design and research as an intervention to address and reform asymmetrical power relations through the lenses of decoloniality and decentralization. Her work focuses on the intersection of human-centred design, digital rights, and public-interest technology. ngọc is passionate about user advocacy, co-creation, and equal access to knowledge. Whether she is distilling data into insights that inform design decisions or developing a new UX pattern for distributed systems, ngọc collaborates closely with tech funders, designers, developers, and researchers to ensure usability, security, and safety for marginalised and vulnerable communities.

Currently, ngọc works as a design researcher at Superbloom (previously known as Simply Secure), a design non-profit that leverages design as a transformative practice to shift power in the tech ecosystem. She's also a maintainer of Decentralization, Off the Shelf, an initiative focused on creating resources and providing design support for practitioners in decentralization.

riley wong
Space Steward

riley wong researches distributed cooperatives and community governance models, with interests in public goods and the commons, solidarity economies, peer-to-peer systems, interdependence, and emergence. they’re also exploring applied cryptography and privacy preserving identity systems.

they have previous lives in machine learning at google, investigative journalism at propublica, and qtbipoc community organizing. they are based in nyc and enjoy painting, making music, building synthesizers, and writing. 

Tracey Jaquith
Code of Conduct Team & Website Engineer

Tracey Jaquith is a founding engineer and system architect for Internet Archive since 1996, writing multi-threaded servers, crawlers, and more. She wrote the “what’s related” services that ultimately led to Alexa Internet’s acquisition by Amazon. An inventor with two patents, she is the Archive’s longest tenured employee after founder, Brewster Kahle.

In 2000, Jaquith left for four years to be the technical lead and founding engineer at a financial startup focusing on more efficiently trading convertible bonds.

Recently, Jaquith rewrote Internet Archive’s TV recording system as an open source single server system, capable of preserving 75 simultaneous 24×7 channels, and developed the Television Archive’s “full stack” first and second versions. For more than a decade, Jaquith held primary responsibility for and its full stack infrastructure, later launching a fully responsive “Version 2” of the website —migrating to jQuery, bootstrap, LESS, modern faceting, ElasticSearch, postgreSQL and more. She is leading the core infrastructure migration to Docker for’s in-house AWS and S3-like system. Open Libraries services will rest upon the infrastructure Jaquith is designing.

Jaquith’s first job was at Xerox PARC, writing core low-level C-language image processing and comparison algorithms using novel computational geometry based on research from her Master’s degree. 

Jaquith holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Cornell University where she focused on machine vision, robotics and mathematics. Jaquith presents at conferences (Demuxed 2016, MozFest) and is a regular guest lecturer at colleges about news and broadcast technologies.

Val Elefante
Space Steward
Val (she/they) is a writer, filmmaker, and Co-founder / Head of Community at Reliabl. Reliabl is a feminist technology company building more equitable and participatory moderation systems for community platforms, which have been successfully implemented on live applications including Lips ( Lips is a social commerce platform for women, non-binary, & LGBTQIA+ creatives to share their work without biased censorship or harassment developed by the same team behind Reliabl. 

Val is also a researcher at The Metagovernance Project and reState Foundation where she collects, studies, and builds tools and practices for community self-governance in online and offline realms. She also teaches yoga and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Wendy Hanamura
DWeb Camp Event Producer

Wendy Hanamura is the producer of DWeb Camp. She was the master juggler of the DWeb Camp 2019, 2022, Decentralized Web Summits 2018 and 2016. 

She is a storyteller for social change.

As Director of Partnerships at the Internet Archive, Hanamura uses her communication skills as a veteran journalist and leader in non-profit media to share the remarkable mission of the Internet Archive—providing people everywhere with unfettered access to knowledge. 

Will Howes
Space Steward, Hackers Hall

Will Howes is a Computer Science major at Reed College. He is a recurring volunteer at the Aaron Swartz Day International Hackathon and presented his experience with high school activism at the 2021 event. Will is excited to facilitate participation and engagement in the DWeb community and to make more friends in along the way. In his free time, Will likes to go for runs and read, among other things, the plot summaries of movies on Wikipedia.


Wendy Hanamura
Internet Archive
Bryn Bellomy Jay Carpenter
Desert Blockchain LLC
Joseph Lacey Kate Sills
Software Engineer
Michael Dougherty
Holochain core developer
Nigini Oliveira Carl Gorringe Michael Emel
StreetwearDAO | RegensDAO
Gabriel Chartier Jackson Morgan
Rob Morris
Seph Gentle
Steven Elleman Christine Lemmer-Webber
Spritely Institute, CTO
Morgan Lemmer-Webber
Digital Bazaar
DWeb Team
Jonathan Bryant
Noah Chon Lee Michael Toomin
Invisible College
Rich Bodo Cindy Chu Guo Liu
Matters Lab
Sandro Hawke
Joy Zhang
BLOOP, backed by Filecoin Techstars

Theodore Keloglou

Chaitin School
Hackerm0m / aleatoric_ops (Meredith)

Limari Navarrete

Decentralized Identity Foundation
Xiaowei Wang
Logic School
Golda Velez
Steven McKie
Managing Director/Researcher at Amentum Capital
Byoengjun Moon
Mainstream Labs
Alexis Rossi
Code of Conduct Team and Director at Internet Archive
Iota Chan
Jordan Gray
Nguyen Van lam
Ira Nezhynska
Protocol Labs
Oren Robinson
Member, May First Movement Technology Cooperative
Mary Camacho
Tibet Sprague
Hylo & the Collaborative Technology Alliance
mariah villarreal
Erik Duemig
Sarah Ingle
phước hữu nguyễn (kev)
Potluck - Hoài Nam, Relinquish
mark seiden
Internet Archive, Columbia University
Trav Fryer
Autonomic Cooperative
May Wang
John N. Kelly
Deliberative Design
Nicholas Brigham Adams
Goodly Labs, Public Editor, Atlanta HEARTH
Stephanie Asmar
Wesley Merkel
Rishi Balakrishnan
Software Engineer at Oasis Labs
Holmes Wilson
Quiet (
mai ishikawa sutton
Antonia Bustamante
Brynn O'Donnell
Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web
Kaitlin Donovan
Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web
Harlan Wood
TrustGraph / CoreNexus / Holochain
Arkadiy Kukarkin
Internet Archive
Megan Prelinger
Prelinger Archives
Rick Prelinger
Prelinger Archives
Bruce Baumgart
Retired; former Internet Archive Employee; Stanford A.I.Lab 1970s archivisit
John Ryan
Mary Lou Jepsen
CEO & Founder of Openwater (
Brewster Kahle
Internet Archive
Mary Austin
SF Center for the Book
ngọc triệu
Superbloom | Decentralization, Off the Shelf
Chad O
Aha Labs
Danny O'Brien
Jean-François Noubel
Peter Van Garderen
Lia Holland
Campaigns and Communications Director at Fight for the Future
Willem Wyndham
Co-founder Aha Labs
Greg Slepak
okTurtles Foundation Inc.
Stefan Magdalinski
Senior Tech Lead, Filecoin Foundation
Kelsey Breseman
Environmental Data & Governance Initiative
F. Randall Farmer
ED, Spritely Networked Communities Institute
Silona Bonewald
Brian Behlendorf
Kurt Opsahl
Filecoin Foundation
Clara Tsao
Filecoin Foundation
Olivia Sigler
Filecoin Foundation
Meghan Gavis
Filecoin Foundation
Jia (Carol) Xu
Co-founder of The Present Of Work
Mark Hechim
Megan Klimen
Filecoin Foundation and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web
Marta Belcher
Filecoin Foundation and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web
Rock Zhan
Founder of
Ian Davis
Filecoin Foundation, Mysilio
Hunter Treseder
Head of Social Impact Programs, Filecoin Foundation
Christian M. Koch
Eric Harris Braun
Catherine Stihler
Creative Commons CEO
Matthew Jurenka
Freelance Blockchain Developer at
John Kunze
ARK Alliance
Santiago Bazerque
Hyper Hyper Space
Marlene Ronstedt
Hyper Oracle
Julio Monteiro
Emaline Friedman
Wesley Finck
Noisebridge, Open Knowledge Map
Coelti (Poet)
Xin Liu
Builder at
Yi Han
Designer at
Sid Sthalekar
BZ Petroff
Internet Archive
Matt Zumwalt
Tergar Institute
Josh Ford
NEAR Protocol
Benedict Lau
Hypha Worker Co-operative
Yurko Jaremko
Hypha Worker Co-operative
Andi Argast
Hypha Worker Co-operative
Cameron Fyfe
Hypha Worker Cooperative
Kathryn Bates
Del Sol Quartet
Charlton Lee
Del Sol Quartet
Hyeyung Sol Yoon
Del Sol Quartet
Benjamin Kreith
Del Sol Quartet
Ryan Betts
Guardian Project
Guardian Project
Chris Lewis
Public Knowledge
Jenny Fan
Mark Graham
Travis Vachon
Mysilio +
Tani Olhanoski
Laurie Penny
Chaotic Good
Tom Voltz
Spencer Chang Independent Researcher
Ronen Tamari
Common SenseMakers | Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Gia Luna Goering-Moran
Kelly Neuner
Design Futures Initiative & SheFi
Kathy Ketman
James Baicoianu
Cent Hosten
Trevor Grant
Read Write Own
Nathan Ray
Read Write Own
Renate Hennig
Luke Miller
Jamie Joyce
Internet Archive / Society Library
Dazza Greenwood &
Will Howes
Reed College '23
Tim Glorioso
Mark Nadal
Aslan Nadal
Rocklin Nadal
Cofounder of RSS3
Cofounder of Crossbell
Humphrey Obuobi
LETS Studio
Antoine McGrath
Denise Duncan
Amplica Labs. Contributors to DSNP and Frequency.
Wes Biggs
Amplica Labs. Contributors to DSNP and Frequency.
Alice Scope
Vellum LA
Nick Sweeting founder
Rithikha Rajamohan
V6A Collaborative
Dan Finlay
Tomasz Kolinko
Joyce Searls
Ostrom Workshop, Indiana University
Doc Searls
Ostrom Workshop, Indiana University
Jack Cushman
Harvard Library Innovation Lab
Sawood Alam
Research Lead, Wayback Machine, Internet Archive
Val (she/they)
Metagov, Lips/Reliabl
riley wong
staff research scientist at metagov
Vlad Grichina
web4 hacker
Guillem Córdoba
darksoil studio
Heather Hurford
Ajay tallam, regeneration pollination
Brenton Cheng
Internet Archive
Teo Cheng
University of Washington
Joshua Tan
David Thompson
Spritely Institute
Barry Threw
Gray Area
Christina Bowen
Nicole Klau Ibarra
The IKIGAI Project
Garrett Young
The IKIGAI Project
Roxi Shohadaee
Gray Area, habRitual, Design Science Studio
Alex Toutant
Matthew Schutte
Tatiana Tarasova
Verse Communications : Nos.Social / Planetary
Verse Communications : Planetary / Nos.Social
Duke Jones
Holochain DPKI (Deepkey)
Meredith Pallante
Filecoin Foundation
Philliph Drummond
Superbloom Design
Kegan Dougal
Yilan Huang
Travis F W
Ilya Kreymer
Tessa Walsh
Ed Summers
Henry Wilkinson
Sua Yoo
Lorena Ramirez-Lopez
Collin McClain
Writer and Researcher - Holo / Holochain
Paul d'Aoust
Writer and Developer - Holo / Holochain
Mark Franks
Head of Developer Relations - Holo / Holochain
Cody Harris
Seattle Community Network
Allison Duettmann
Foresight Institute
Eugene Leventhal
Esther Jang
University of Washington / Seattle Community Network / Local Connectivity Lab
Parker McCurley
Co-Founder, Decent
Nicolaus Sherrill
Design Workstream Leader, Decent
Chris Dancy
Software Engineer, Decent
Ashley Caines
 Contributor, Decent
Sam Liebeskind
 New Public
Joe Thornton
Dmitri Zagidulin,
DecentSocial Conference, MIT DCC, W3C SWICG
Sergio Valdes Garcia
Copincha co-founder
Jim Fournier
Surya Kramer
Ryan Taylor
Zachary Larson
Janna Frenzel
Timid Robot
Creative Commons
Hayley Anna
 Blockchain Law for Social Good Center
Carmen Liang
Mikayla Maki
Ross Schulman
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Tim Glorioso
Adit Dhanushkodi
Andi Wong
Young Wong
Hester Bruikman
Colten Jackson
Lookalive Software
Bryan Newbold
Cooperative Security
Ravon ruffin
 Head of community initiatives new public
Aza Raskin
 Co-Founder, Earth Species Project & Center for Humane Technology
Justin F. Knoll
Philip Rosedale
 Second Life
Aldo Kempen
Arun Mannuru
Jonny Howle 
Sarah Philips
 Fight for the Future
Andrea Mills
Executive Director, Internet Archive Canada
Louisa Cohen
Communications and Partnerships Coordinator, Internet Archive Canada
Aaron Brodeur
 Holochain, Hylo
Verse Communications PBC: Nos Social + Planetary
Viktor Zaunders
Val S. K.
Future Proof
Ferananda Ibarra
Director Commons Engine
Rob Christopher
Ali Nazari
Rand Marsh
Founder, GoldAR
Liz Sweigart
Andrew Chou
Digital Democracy + Manyverse
Anh Le
Seph Gentle
Subhashish Panigrahi
 O Foundation
Amber Gallant
 iSchool at the University of British Columbia
Alexander Green
Sarah Grant
 Radical Networks, Weise7 Berlin
Kanyon CoyoteWoman
Indian Canyon Nation + KKLLC
Tatsuya Sato
Josh Stroud
 Software Engineer, Code for America
Bret Warshawsky
Alan Ransil
Yavuz Selim Kıyak
 Gazi University Faculty of Medicine
Jacky Zhao
 Independent Researcher
Mix - Āhau
fauno (he/him, Sutty)
Alex (they/she)
 Holochain community member
Liz Steininger
 Least Authority
Qianqian Ye
g0v contributor
Jason Morton
Camille Nibungco
James Gondwe
 Centre for Youth and Development
Nicolás Pace
 Association for Progressive Communications
Luisa Bagope
MarLu Creations
Brad DeGraf
Saqib Sheikh
 Project Director, Rohingya Project
Rez Khan
Eric Bear
Holochain, darksoil studio, dWeb Labs
Barbara Gonzalez Segovia
 Digital Democracy
Leo Glisic
 Founder & CEO, Maitri Network
Lawrence Wang
Scott Garrison
Paul Krafel
Benson Tilya
 Saving Africa's Nature
Peersky Browser
Sheley Gomes
Glenn Poppe
Wendy Seltzer
Norbu Snow Shiva
Shiyi Mu
Maurice Haedo Sanabria
 Co-founder of Copincha
David Phillips
Stacco Troncoso. Co-founder, worker-owner
Blake Stoner
Founder of the Vngle Grassroots News Agency & Fellow at Stanford & USC's Starling Lab for Data Integrity
Anna Yelizarova
 Future of Life Institute
Rebecca Ackerman
Charles E. Lehner
Long Island - New York
Peter 'ribasushi' Rabbitson
Yilan Huang
Grant Gallo
Limari Navarrete
 Sr. Director of Community Engagement - Decentralized Identity Foundation
Nicolas Luck
 co-founder of AD4M & Coasys
Josh Parkin
 co-founder AD4M & Flux & Coasys
B Cavello
 Aspen Digital
Rob Lach
Love Computing
Ali Nolin
Christian Tschudin
 University of Basel, Switzerland
Homin Luo
Arthur Brock
Timo Carlin-Burns
Robert WebQ
Marcela Guerra
 PSP and AudioNovella community studio
Risper Arose
Lindsay Walker
Brandon King
Isa Herico-Velasco
Christopher Velasco