Aug 7-11, 2024 ✵ Camp Navarro, CA

Project Spaces


Creativity Zone

Spaces for Making and Meaning


  • 80 meter tented area in an open field. Great for performances, activations, workshops.


  • Grow Room—Indoor and outdoor "room" that has no ceiling. Long 100 ft x 12 ft space that is open for creative reuse

Grow Room  ripe for possibilities!

Wayback Wheel

Wayback Wheel Tent

Looking up thru the Wayback Wheel


Hacking Zone

Connecting Ideas and People


  • Mesh Room—Large hacking space where you can claim a 10 x 10 foot square, grab a table and chairs; power and possibly ethernet connections. Also available: 3 foot round cocktail tables or long tables for demos & displays
  • Hyper Lounge—Large open room with sound system, screen, projector.  Good for small conversations or presentations, Science Fair, DJ booth, dancing, and more.


  • Lightning Salon—Features projector, large screen and seating for approx. 50
  • Torrent Room—Video equipment and monitors with room for 8-10
  • Dome of Decentralization—44 foot Dome that can hold Open Space convenings; great for classes, yoga, music and conversations.
  • Hyper Lounge—create a circle, pull up a black board, create a conversation space to fit your needs.
  • Dining Area—plenty of tables to convene an impromptu conversation

Mesh Room—with power, internet connections

Hyper Lounge: open space with dancefloor and DJ booth

Lightning Salon with projector and screen

Dome of Decentralization--great for gatherings, classes, Open Space conversations

Dining area has open air and tented sections


  • Universal Access Lounge—Just for relaxing and talking and tea; no shoes or devices please; room for 80
  • Mush Room—quiet zone; the place you can go when you don't want to talk to anyone! 
  • Blockchain Courtyard—couches in a shaded courtyard

Universal Access Lounge

Mush Room is a quiet/no talking space, when you need to take a break

Wellness Zone

Back to Nature and Balance


  • Sacred Fire 
  • Tree of Life
  • Dome of Decentralization
  • Greenhouse
  • PowerHouse (trailer)


Gathering at Sacred Fire beside the Tree of Life

Meet around the Sacred Fire on hay bales; room for 30

Landmark meeting spot with beautiful views at the Tree of Life

44' Dome of Decentralization that holds approx. 150 people


Powerhouse --mobile renewable energy station