Technology tools reflect the values of their makers. The tech tools that will best serve our partners are those they they have a hand in building. -- Emily Jacobi, Founder, Digital Democracy

At a technology conference, why a track called "Solidarity"?

Working in solidarity recognizes that we are all in the same struggle. That we are all connected. This track asks each of us to ponder "How we can build a better Web together?"

Here, you'll have a chance to learn from builders working directly in the field with partners, co-creating tools that address the problems they identify as most urgent. These groups are using satellites, mapping, video, and photography. Some are already employing decentralized tools to get around the challenges of low-to-no bandwith areas.

As Emily Jacobi writes, "We are rethinking how technology is built to truly empower local people and reduce dependency on technical support from organizations like ourselves."

We invite you to join them, support their work, collaborate, and above all, to listen and learn.





Allison Jones
Organizer, Solidarity Track

Allison has a background as an experiential and outdoor educator and has worked in the mental health and rehabilitation communities for 7 years. Her passion for exploring modern cultural issues includes challenging the current weight-centered health paradigm and evaluating the interaction between technology and social determinants of health. She hopes to contribute her strong interpersonal skills, graphic design skills, and newly learned coding expertise towards a likeminded nonprofit. She acts as a volunteer coordinator for the Solidarity Track of the Decentralized Web Summit.

Matt Davis
Space Steward

Matt Davis is a storyteller, community builder, and technologist, with a fascination for emerging technology and its impact on human and civilizational possibility. While deeply skeptical about tech’s ability to save us from the metacrisis we’ve created for ourselves, Matt finds hope in the ways it might distribute power more equitably while expanding our sense of radical interconnectedness. He seeks to support the people and projects working in those areas.